hajoona product concept

These days it is becoming increasingly difficult to eat well. People are mobile and constantly on the go, have high demands at work and want to optimize themselves more and more.

There are four major challenges that put a strain on health:  

  • Lack of exercise / Overweight
  • Acidification
  • Stress
  • Nutrient content of our food

Scientific evidence shows where our challenges lie:

  • 40% of men and 45% of women don't exercise enough.
  • 50% of all Germans are overweight (BMI > 25) - 25% are even obese (BMI > 30). Consequences: diseases of civilization (heart attack, cancer, asthma, rheumatism, joint and vertebral problems).
  • 80% of all Germans are considered to be overly acidic. Consequences: reduced performance, fatigue, headaches, muscle and joint pain, susceptibility to infections.
  • 60% of all Germans suffer from stress. 20% feel constantly stressed. Consequences: Absorption of nutrients by the intestine is reduced and susceptibility to infections is increased
  • Nutrient content decreased by 50% within 60 years due to intensive agriculture and monocultures. With a conventional diet, it becomes increasingly difficult to meet your nutritional needs.

You have chosen hajoona products and that is a good thing. They will help you replenish your vital nutrient reserves and keep your body and mind in balance. For more health and more joy in life!

hajoona products are vegan almost wherever possible, made from organic ingredients and made without additives or sweeteners. They are gluten and lactose free, without genetic engineering or pesticides and are closely tested for harmful substances so that you receive the best product quality.