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h-SUN⁺ Clean & Care


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Because a strong immune system is a matter of the gut

Experts describe the large intestine as the most important organ of the immune system. With our revolutionary h-SUN⁺ Clean & Care intestinal treatment, we have created a rehabilitation combination that gently cleans and cares for the intestines with the first part and brings valuable bacteria and natural prebiotics to build up the intestinal flora with the second part.

h-SUN⁺ Clean
With Clean you start in the morning before breakfast with the cleaning and care of the intestine.

h-SUN⁺ Care
With Care, we continue to build up the intestinal flora in a targeted manner.

h-SUN⁺ Clean & Care is your bodyguard
She protects you from within. With a unique, high-dose premium formula and 32 active bacterial strains, the 2-phase treatment helps
to strengthen your immune system and your mental well-being.

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