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h-ONE⁺ ImmunePower


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Health to go!
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Centuries-old monastery medicine meets modern lifestyle!
The new hajoona immune spray: antibacterial, antiviral for effective protection against viruses and bacteria.

For our h-ONE⁺ ImmunePower uses traditional medicinal herbs such as cistus, coneflowers / echinacea, cat's claw and many others as 10:1 extracts. In this way, the ingredients have a 10-fold effectiveness and defend against them effectively kill viruses and bacteria.

Our tip:
h-ONE⁺ ImmunePower will become your constant companion in everyday life, when traveling and in all activities. Handling is child's play! With only 2 sprays in the mouth and throat three times a day, you fight off viruses and bacteria before they can cause diseases.

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