hajoona philosophy

In harmony with you and nature

50% of all Germans are now overweight and have a BMI of over 25. Over 40% of all men and women exercise too little. 80% of all Germans are considered acidic. 60% of all Germans suffer from stress and 20% even feel constantly stressed - the current study situation on the subject looks alarming. The consequences of lack of exercise, hyperacidity, obesity and stress are the so-called civilization diseases.

People feel exhausted, tired, have headaches, and muscle and joint pain. Gut health is out of balance and the immune system shuts down. We become more susceptible to infections and overall performance decreases. Maybe you know that too. On the other hand, our food has lost around 50% of its nutrients in just 60 years due to intensive agriculture and monocultures. This means that an apple today only has about half the vitamins it had 60 years ago.

As a result, it is becoming increasingly difficult to master the demands of modern times and to ensure the supply of vital substances through nutrition.

hajoona. Always at your side.

hajoona has set itself the task of meeting precisely these challenges of our modern age and offers you a coherent product concept with a simple, integrated solution for these five current challenges of our time. With products made from natural ingredients, without preservatives, with high bioavailability and Made in Germany.

An essential component of the hajoona concept is h-SUN + Green Coffee. It has an alkaline effect in the body and thus counteracts acidification, the ingredients stimulate the fat metabolism and can help to regulate weight problems.

h-ONE + Nutrition for adults and children ensures that precisely these important vitamins and minerals are absorbed in an optimally usable form and quality. This eliminates a potentially existing nutrient deficiency, prepares a long-term healthy diet and also creates a basic counterbalance to the issue of over-acidification.

The product concept is based on colon cleansing with h-SUN + Clean I and II. It supports your body in coping with the negative consequences of lack of exercise, hyperacidity and stress. Clean II supplies the body with probiotic intestinal bacteria, among other things, which not only protect your organism from the problems mentioned, but also ensure better utilization of the most important nutrients. Thus, more qualitative nutrients are absorbed into the blood than before.

For a healthy body, an alert mind, balance and well-being.